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about us

Jiangsu QIANZHU Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Is an professional machinery enterprise which specialize in manufacturing gear-head lathe and CNC lathe. Reflecting the founding spirit, we take “QUALITY FOREMOST, CREDIT UPPERMOST” as our core philosophy of business operations.


The gear-head lathe we are manufacturing are two series:C〇6230、CQ6232/CQ6236、CQ6240、 CM6236/CM6241 series of light duty lathe, and C6241/C6246. C6251/C6256、C6266/C6280 series of heavy duty lathe. And we are also manufacturing two series of CNC lathes : CK-32L/36L、CK61 32、 CK6432、CK6136、CK6140、CK6146、CK6150、CK6166/80 series of CNC slanting bed and flatted bed.


There are a large number of advanced imported equipments,such as Japan.OKUMA horizonta machining center,CNC Gantry Guideway Grinder’Three Coordinates Measuring Machine and laser interferometer,possess the production capacity of 2,000sets light duty lathes, 600sets heavy duty lathes and 10OOsets CNC lathes. We have achieved the rights to import and export, and obtained certificates of IS09001:2008 quality management system and CE certificates.


At present, 90% of products are exported to over 60 countries and regions including Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and South Asia etc... We, Jiangsu Q.Z Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd warmly welcome customers home and abroad to come for business negotiation and technology cooperation.