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Matters needing attention in lathe operation

The category:Industry dynamic
Release time: 2018/12/15 17:11

Most mechanical equipment, especially some manual machine tools, have high-speed rotating parts, such as the spindle of the lathe, the smooth rod of the tool, the screw rod and so on. Operating with gloves can lead to tactile insensitivity, numbness and retardation. Once the gloves touch these parts, they will quickly wrap around the rotating parts, which will cause limb injury.




Notes for lathe operation:
1. Work clothes and sleeves should be worn. Female students should wear work caps and stuff their hair in them. Skirts, shorts and sandals are forbidden to be put on the machine in summer.
2. No one can turn on the power without the permission of the teacher.
3. Check the switch position of the machine tool, it should be in the closed position. If there is any abnormality in the mechanical equipment, it should report to the practice instructor. It is not allowed to operate the equipment privately.
4. After turning on the power supply, the instructor checks whether the lathe has leakage or not, and the equipment can be started only with the teacher's consent.
5. When working, the hair should not be too close to the workpiece to prevent chips from flying into the eyes. In order to prevent chips from breaking up and scattering, protective glasses must be worn.
6. When working, we must concentrate on the work, pay attention to the hand, body and clothes can not be close to the rotating parts, such as workpieces, pulleys, belts, gears, etc.
7. Workpieces and turning tools must be firmly clamped, otherwise they will fly out and hurt people. The chuck must be equipped with a safety device. After the workpiece is clamped, the chuck handler must be removed from the chuck immediately.
8. Stop before loading and unloading workpieces, changing cutters, measuring the machined surface and changing speed.
9. When the lathe is running, it is forbidden to touch the workpiece surface by hand, especially when processing threads, in order to avoid injuring the hand. It is strictly forbidden to wipe rotating parts with cotton yarn.
10. Apply special hooks to remove chips. Never remove chips directly by hand.
11. Do not wear gloves when operating on lathes.
12. The blank bar should not be extended too long from the end of the spindle hole, and the frame or baffle should be used to prevent bending.
13. Do not use your hand to brake the rotating chuck.
14. Do not disassemble and assemble electrical equipment at will, in order to avoid electric shock accidents.
15. If the machine tool electrical equipment is found to be faulty in the work, the power supply should be turned off, and timely declaration should be made, which should be repaired by professionals and not be used.
16. Work clamp measuring tools should be placed in the designated position and should not be placed randomly to prevent falling on the lathe.
17. In case of emergency during use, the power supply should be switched off immediately (e.g. electric shock, smoke from equipment, etc.).
18. After the training, we should clean up the venue, arrange the equipment, tools and materials neatly, do a good job of sanitation, close the doors and windows, and wait for the study instructor to check qualified before leaving.
Note: If the accident is not caused by the operation according to the above regulations, the consequences will be borne by oneself! _________