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Release time: 2019/01/02 17:15
Jiangsu QIANZHU Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Is an professional machinery enterprise whichspecialize in manufacturing gear-head lathe and CNC lathe. Reflecting the founding spirit, we takeQUALITY FOREMOST, CREDIT UPPERMOST" as our core philosophy of business operations.
The gear-head lathe we are manufacturing are two series:CQ6230. CQ6232/CQ6236. CQ6240.CM6236/CM6241 series of light duty lathe, and C6241/C6246. C6251/C6256. C6266/C6280 series ofheavy duty lathe. And we are also manufacturing two series of CNC lathes : CK-32L/36L. CK6132.CK6432. CK6136. CK6140. CK6146. CK6150. CK61 66/80 series of CNC slanting bed and flatted bed.
There are a large number of advanced imported equipments,such as Japan. OKUMA horizontamachining center, CNC Gantry Guideway Grinder,Three Coordinates Measuring Machine and laserinterferometer, possess the production capacity of 2 ,000sets light duty lathes, 600sets heavy duty lathesand 1000sets CNC lathes. We have achieved the rights to import and export, and obtained certificates ofISO9001:2008 quality management system and CE certificates.