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Are you clear about the requirements of CNC machine tool operating environment?

The category:Industry dynamic
Release time: 2018/12/20 02:18

As a kind of high precision machine equipment, CNC machine tool has a high degree of mechatronics, plays an important role in the modern machinery manufacturing industry, and greatly improves the production efficiency of machinery and equipment. As a machine and equipment, it is affected by many factors such as environment, air, power supply and so on in the process of using. The inappropriate use of CNC machine tools can easily cause faults and affect its normal use and operation. In the process of using, we should pay more attention to the rational use of NC machine tools, and provide guarantee for the normal use of NC machine tools. Because CNC machine tools are more precise than ordinary machine tools and have more electronic components, there are certain requirements for the location, temperature and power supply of installation and use:




1. Requirements for Installation Location
The installation position of the machine tool should be far away from the vibration source, avoid the influence of humidity and air flow, and avoid the influence of direct sunlight and thermal radiation. Workplace should avoid direct sunshine and high temperature environment, avoid too wet and dusty places. Titanium Hao Machinery is the company's main products, which include rotary top, screw, axis processing, CNC lathe processing, tool handle, tool rod and chuck connecting rod. In the use of dry and clean venues, conditional enterprises should put the use of CNC machine tools in the air conditioning environment as far as possible to maintain a constant room temperature; because our country is in temperate climate, affected by monsoon, the temperature difference is large, for high precision, expensive CNC machine tools, should be placed in the room with air conditioning.
2. Requirements for Temperature
The ambient temperature of CNC machine tools should be below 30 C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 80%. Generally speaking, there are exhaust fans or cold fans inside the numerical control cabinet to keep the working temperature of electronic components, especially the CPU, constant or small. Excessive temperature and humidity will reduce the life of control system components, lead to more failures, increase dust, and lead to circuit board short circuit.
3. Requirements for Machine Tool Power Supply
If the NC machine tool is installed in the general machine shop, the fluctuation of the power grid will be great because of the great change of the environment temperature, the poor use conditions and various mechanical and electrical equipment. It is necessary to keep away from strong electromagnetic interference sources so as to make the machine tool work steadily. Therefore, the installation of CNC machine tools requires strict control of the power supply voltage. The fluctuation of power supply voltage must be within the allowable range and keep relatively stable, otherwise it will directly affect the normal operation of CNC system. If the workshop organic bed network management system, should also consider the network interface.
4. NC machine tools are composed of electronic components and metal enclosures. When choosing workplaces, corrosive gases should be avoided. Corrosive gases can easily deteriorate electronic components, cause bad contact, or cause short circuit of components, which will affect the normal operation of machine tools. Avoid the deterioration of electronic components and corrosion of metal parts caused by corrosive gases, which affect the normal use of NC machine tools.
5. As an automated and intelligent machine, CNC machine tools should be far away from the working environment with large vibration and from the machine equipment which has vibration impact. When necessary, the working site should take vibration prevention measures to create a good working site for the use of CNC machine tools. In order to keep away from the equipment with large vibration (such as punch, forging and pressing equipment, etc.), anti-vibration measures (such as anti-vibration ditch) should be adopted for high precision machine tools. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of machine tools, and will also make the electronic components contact badly and break down, affecting the reliability of numerical control machine tools.